Austin Ginder
.HOST recently had an interesting interaction with Austin Ginder, the founder of Anchor.Host. A few excerpts:
Why did you choose .HOST?
Simple. My business name is Anchor Hosting. Using Anchor just made sense. Also I use the same anchorhost in my social media presence: Facebook and Twitter.
What’s your one major gain from the domain name?
I love simplicity. With a .HOST , I can distill my business down to a single word domain name:
What’ your current usage of this domain name?
I’m currently using it as my primary website Anchor and as my email austin[at]anchor[dot]host.
How have your customers reacted to this change in your domain name?
My customers are small businesses. Generally not tech savvy. Since .HOST is fairly new, I do get a few double takes when communicating my website over the phone. Frequently I’ll have to spell out host. After they get it, the feedback is generally positive.
What is your USP with and what are your future plans for this business?
I sell hosting and maintenance plans for WordPress websites. Currently I’m a one man shop. I like to think of myself as your personal WordPress hosting and maintenance expert. Right now I’m actively growing the business, adding on new hosting clients each month. If growth continues, I’d love to get others involved in the model of personal hosting/maintenances plans.
Do you want to give a message to your fellow .HOSTers?
I’m always an early adopter with technology. I recommend getting a .HOST in place for your hosting business while things are still in the beginning stages. In a year or two, it will be the norm and you’ll be late!