• The .HOST domain sums up UK2 Group perfectly. We offer the full range of hosting products from shared to dedicated servers so this new domain is the ideal fit for our business. It shouts about our specialisms

    Sara Rego
    Sara Rego Marketing Director,
  • At Blacknight we love to try new and innovative ways of marketing our brand and our services. When we were given the opportunity to use Blacknight.Host we were overjoyed. The .HOST extension clearly identifies what our company does – in a way that’s much clearer than .com could ever do.

    Michele Neylon
    Michele Neylon CEO,
  • We’re very excited about .HOST and what it can mean for marketing and brand positioning purposes

    James Grierson
    James Grierson COO,
  • Arvixe welcomes .HOST to the web hosting industry to continue to grow awareness of hosting companies

    Arvand Sabetian
    Arvand Sabetian Founder & CEO,
  • Being able to grab a three letter TLD in 2014 was a pleasant surprise!

    Chris McGuire
    Chris McGuire Founder, WSO


  • I’m always an early adopter with technology, I recommend getting a .HOST in place for your hosting business while things are still in the beginning stages. In a year or two, it will be the “norm”, and you will be late

    Austin Ginder
    Austin Ginder Founder,
  • As a UK web hosting company it totally makes sense to own a .HOST domain name. It also allowed us to shorten our domain name from 11 characters ( and 13 characters ( to just 8 characters (

    Daniel Collins
    Daniel Collins Founder,
  • We have decided to use a .HOST domain so we could incorporate part of our company name in the TLD. We strongly believe that this will help our brand name become more noticeable and memorable, as well as helping with SEO.

    Nathan Adams
    Nathan Adams Commercial Director,
  • We chose a .HOST domain to launch our brand as a way to make it fresh and stand out moving forward. We already have and and thought these were too generic for the future the internet has with the release of the modern TLD.

    Paul Taylor
    Paul Taylor Managing Director,